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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sECULARsTUPIDEST ~ Fall in love with America again.

The interview:

  Hello Kayte, I want to thank you for taking time to talk with me today, I very much appreciate it.
 As I many have mentioned, I'm totally loving your hub site secularstupidiest.com. I recently spent an entire Saturday morning going through all the clips and materials and following links, just awesome!


 I appreciate your compliments and am excited to see what has been happening with our new site, and our Youtube channel lately. However, keep in mind I am only one half of the team, so I want Keith to jump in and join the interview.

 Could you share a little of SS's origins? How did you come up with it? Why?
Had you been in contact with many conservative artist prior to SS's creation?

 This has been an idea we've had for a few years.
We're politically conservative but, believe it or not, it was our disappointment with President Bush that started us thinking how we could influence the culture with more conservative ideas and aspirations.  We actually see imperial secular socialism as a very serious threat to western civilization, on par with the ones we hear about in the media.

 Our site's motto is "life becomes stupid when we forget the Creator", but it is not a spiritual or religious site, per se.  We embrace conservative content from any source, truth is truth, and we must all stand together on common ground against the leftist tyranny which we know from history doesn't end well.  Occasional content on the site is labeled "CCFL' which means Conservative Content From a Liberal Source!

 The vision for the site pretty much popped into Keith's mind in full form as he drove down the street one day.  So, it was conceived under Bush, but has been propelled into overdrive under the current regime.  We are not close friends with many conservative artists, mainly because the conservative artist community is disconnected and spread so thin across the country, that we can really only find each other online.  We suspect most conservative artists feel isolated in their "real" communities, but can find thousands of like-minded artists via the Internet.

Are any of the works featured yours or someone you know personally?

  SS:   We throw in some of our videos, and visual art, but don't highlight them above the others.  The only exception to that rule is the link we've set up to introduce people to Lewis, the singer in one of the most watched tea party video of all time, because we believe in his work, and have a fundraiser going on his behalf.  We really exist to serve Conservative artists of all types and their potential audiences, whether we know them personally or not.

  The web is so big, aggregator sites such as ours serve an important part in the enjoyment of web content.  The conservative movement has many big name aggregators, but they tend to be serious and focused on news, which we appreciate.  However, we play the part of the jester, minstrel, and bard of the movement, adding additional content every day.

 Being a no shoestring, stumbling web(not!)master and blogger myself, I find your page/domain stunningly and very professionally impressive. How did you go about building it?


 Being a site to display art, we wanted to create a site with no visible text on the main pages.  We have succeeded as long as the titles to the items are seen as part of the image art. We are pleased to know a "magician", who recently graduated from Georgia Tech.  We tell him what we want and he makes it happen.  It's magic!

  The items on the wall are framed and presented through our creations; visual art is framed, videos are on steampunk machines, and audio on mp3 player images.  These are made using photoshop.  Keep in mind, the site is in Beta form so we are currently working on improvements for the real launch and appreciate tips.  You may see bugs running around, so please be patient and, even better, and let us know your ideas through the contact link!

Would you say our nation's current spiritual/political crisis has a lot to do with with SS's popularity?


 Well, judging by the recent viral video we have on Youtube, "Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd ORIGINAL!!!',  we would say a resounding YES!  Think about it, this video is the second most watched Tea Party video ever, and one of the most watch conservative videos. Except for a few big names on the conservative web, the big sites, which usually fuel a viral video, completely ignored it.  The video rocketed over 2 million hits in two weeks by breibarttv.com, sharing, emails, blogs, and smaller outlets.

 Now consider the content: A retired Marine sings the fourth verse of the National Anthem, the verse which has strong religious content.  It brings people to tears, creates chills, shocks them, inspires them, and when it comes to the left, infuriates them.

 That type of strong spiritual message is not present in most of the items on our site, but we believe it is the fuel, which led the Founders to victory, not to mention historic conservatives throughout history.  The conservative movement will fail if we suppress religious and spiritual expression and approach our battle with merely a secular Conservatism.

 As you are growing in the public eye, has SS received much in the way of detractors?
Negative responses and posters and such? What is your reaction to them?

 We are gaining a higher profile all the time, but still have a long way to get to where we're heading.  Our youtube videos receive many comments from haters, which we generally ignore.  Recently, we received a call from a New York Times reporter who covers the Tea Party, but when we looked up his record we decided not to call him back as we suspect he was out for blood.

  We think the time has come, when traditional media is, by and large, irrelevant to what is happening in the online community.  Right now, we are working on very robust comment features for our site and we will invite all types of people to vent there 24/7; a big part of the fun and value of the web.  These improvements will be operational very soon, so keep checking us out!

Obviously SS isn't a "pet project" what is the long-term goal? Where do you see SS in say... 2yrs? 5?

 So much depends on the will of the people.  We believe that when conservatives take back our nation from the Left, we will be far more engaged than we were under Bush.  That said, as long as the Conservative art community grows and the people start consuming artistic content which uplifts and promotes conservative principles, instead of the Left's pablum, we expect to be "the place" for artists to premier their work and "the place" to go to see the best conservative artistic content on the planet! This is our time, the Left's monopoly on artistic expression is slipping away thanks to Al Gore's greatest "invention".

  I have personally shared many of the works found on SS on my fb profiles and twitter, but I find I have to follow them to their original placings, and then write credit to SS for them (not a problem really :-), is their a specific way the lazy posters (a personal ref ;-) can click and go, providing acknowledgment for SS in the proverbial fell swoop?

SS:   We just embedded "share this"  on all items and we are fine-tuning it to work smoothly across the board.  All of the bells and whistles will be there for our big launch planned for within the next few weeks!

 Kayte, I am really grateful and honored by your gracious time and the "good work(s) you are doing on
behalf our Blessed Nation and her patriots.
Is there any other information about SS you would like people to know or something else you would like to share here?

 Yes, we are proud of our blog, which is unique.  The blog wall displays each entry on old posters, paper, or tapestries.  The entries themselves have text, but also have the entry in audio form, so you can listen while you do something else.  And again, the subject matter is a labor of love: interesting nuggets of Conservative history from over thousands of years, historical character profiles, and poetry.

 So we really have a variety of content, complimenting the news and current events commentary which comprises most of the existing conservative web presence.
Besides that, we often visit and film at local tea party events and protests, which show up on our Youtube channel by the same name.

Thank you so very, very much!
Kayte and Keith

I want to say "Thank You" Kayte and Keith!
I had a great time with this interview and the website itself. Stocked fresh daily with content and and a no apology presentation of of our nation's history, identity, heritage and her current situation(s), submitted by Americans for and about Americans... for the world.
 SS's "court jester" approach to sharing "The message of U.S.", to my thinking is an excellent expression of 1 Corinthians 1:27 "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise..." .
 I believe you're right, the left (as a body) are infuriated by truth, facts, reality on the whole, and now they face losing the monopoly on their greatest weapon... media!
Keep up the good work!

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