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sECULARsTUPIDEST ~ Fall in love with America again.

The interview:

  Hello Kayte, I want to thank you for taking time to talk with me today, I very much appreciate it.
 As I many have mentioned, I'm totally loving your hub site secularstupidiest.com. I recently spent an entire Saturday morning going through all the clips and materials and following links, just awesome!


 I appreciate your compliments and am excited to see what has been happening with our new site, and our Youtube channel lately. However, keep in mind I am only one half of the team, so I want Keith to jump in and join the interview.

 Could you share a little of SS's origins? How did you come up with it? Why?
Had you been in contact with many conservative artist prior to SS's creation?

 This has been an idea we've had for a few years.
We're politically conservative but, believe it or not, it was our disappointment with President Bush that started us thinking how we could influence the culture with more conservative ideas and aspirations.  We actually see imperial secular socialism as a very serious threat to western civilization, on par with the ones we hear about in the media.

 Our site's motto is "life becomes stupid when we forget the Creator", but it is not a spiritual or religious site, per se.  We embrace conservative content from any source, truth is truth, and we must all stand together on common ground against the leftist tyranny which we know from history doesn't end well.  Occasional content on the site is labeled "CCFL' which means Conservative Content From a Liberal Source!

 The vision for the site pretty much popped into Keith's mind in full form as he drove down the street one day.  So, it was conceived under Bush, but has been propelled into overdrive under the current regime.  We are not close friends with many conservative artists, mainly because the conservative artist community is disconnected and spread so thin across the country, that we can really only find each other online.  We suspect most conservative artists feel isolated in their "real" communities, but can find thousands of like-minded artists via the Internet.

Are any of the works featured yours or someone you know personally?

  SS:   We throw in some of our videos, and visual art, but don't highlight them above the others.  The only exception to that rule is the link we've set up to introduce people to Lewis, the singer in one of the most watched tea party video of all time, because we believe in his work, and have a fundraiser going on his behalf.  We really exist to serve Conservative artists of all types and their potential audiences, whether we know them personally or not.

  The web is so big, aggregator sites such as ours serve an important part in the enjoyment of web content.  The conservative movement has many big name aggregators, but they tend to be serious and focused on news, which we appreciate.  However, we play the part of the jester, minstrel, and bard of the movement, adding additional content every day.

 Being a no shoestring, stumbling web(not!)master and blogger myself, I find your page/domain stunningly and very professionally impressive. How did you go about building it?


 Being a site to display art, we wanted to create a site with no visible text on the main pages.  We have succeeded as long as the titles to the items are seen as part of the image art. We are pleased to know a "magician", who recently graduated from Georgia Tech.  We tell him what we want and he makes it happen.  It's magic!

  The items on the wall are framed and presented through our creations; visual art is framed, videos are on steampunk machines, and audio on mp3 player images.  These are made using photoshop.  Keep in mind, the site is in Beta form so we are currently working on improvements for the real launch and appreciate tips.  You may see bugs running around, so please be patient and, even better, and let us know your ideas through the contact link!

Would you say our nation's current spiritual/political crisis has a lot to do with with SS's popularity?


 Well, judging by the recent viral video we have on Youtube, "Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd ORIGINAL!!!',  we would say a resounding YES!  Think about it, this video is the second most watched Tea Party video ever, and one of the most watch conservative videos. Except for a few big names on the conservative web, the big sites, which usually fuel a viral video, completely ignored it.  The video rocketed over 2 million hits in two weeks by breibarttv.com, sharing, emails, blogs, and smaller outlets.

 Now consider the content: A retired Marine sings the fourth verse of the National Anthem, the verse which has strong religious content.  It brings people to tears, creates chills, shocks them, inspires them, and when it comes to the left, infuriates them.

 That type of strong spiritual message is not present in most of the items on our site, but we believe it is the fuel, which led the Founders to victory, not to mention historic conservatives throughout history.  The conservative movement will fail if we suppress religious and spiritual expression and approach our battle with merely a secular Conservatism.

 As you are growing in the public eye, has SS received much in the way of detractors?
Negative responses and posters and such? What is your reaction to them?

 We are gaining a higher profile all the time, but still have a long way to get to where we're heading.  Our youtube videos receive many comments from haters, which we generally ignore.  Recently, we received a call from a New York Times reporter who covers the Tea Party, but when we looked up his record we decided not to call him back as we suspect he was out for blood.

  We think the time has come, when traditional media is, by and large, irrelevant to what is happening in the online community.  Right now, we are working on very robust comment features for our site and we will invite all types of people to vent there 24/7; a big part of the fun and value of the web.  These improvements will be operational very soon, so keep checking us out!

Obviously SS isn't a "pet project" what is the long-term goal? Where do you see SS in say... 2yrs? 5?

 So much depends on the will of the people.  We believe that when conservatives take back our nation from the Left, we will be far more engaged than we were under Bush.  That said, as long as the Conservative art community grows and the people start consuming artistic content which uplifts and promotes conservative principles, instead of the Left's pablum, we expect to be "the place" for artists to premier their work and "the place" to go to see the best conservative artistic content on the planet! This is our time, the Left's monopoly on artistic expression is slipping away thanks to Al Gore's greatest "invention".

  I have personally shared many of the works found on SS on my fb profiles and twitter, but I find I have to follow them to their original placings, and then write credit to SS for them (not a problem really :-), is their a specific way the lazy posters (a personal ref ;-) can click and go, providing acknowledgment for SS in the proverbial fell swoop?

SS:   We just embedded "share this"  on all items and we are fine-tuning it to work smoothly across the board.  All of the bells and whistles will be there for our big launch planned for within the next few weeks!

 Kayte, I am really grateful and honored by your gracious time and the "good work(s) you are doing on
behalf our Blessed Nation and her patriots.
Is there any other information about SS you would like people to know or something else you would like to share here?

 Yes, we are proud of our blog, which is unique.  The blog wall displays each entry on old posters, paper, or tapestries.  The entries themselves have text, but also have the entry in audio form, so you can listen while you do something else.  And again, the subject matter is a labor of love: interesting nuggets of Conservative history from over thousands of years, historical character profiles, and poetry.

 So we really have a variety of content, complimenting the news and current events commentary which comprises most of the existing conservative web presence.
Besides that, we often visit and film at local tea party events and protests, which show up on our Youtube channel by the same name.

Thank you so very, very much!
Kayte and Keith

I want to say "Thank You" Kayte and Keith!
I had a great time with this interview and the website itself. Stocked fresh daily with content and and a no apology presentation of of our nation's history, identity, heritage and her current situation(s), submitted by Americans for and about Americans... for the world.
 SS's "court jester" approach to sharing "The message of U.S.", to my thinking is an excellent expression of 1 Corinthians 1:27 "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise..." .
 I believe you're right, the left (as a body) are infuriated by truth, facts, reality on the whole, and now they face losing the monopoly on their greatest weapon... media!
Keep up the good work!

Hey folks also check out The sECULARsTUPIDEST EBAY store for bumper stickers, singly or in multi-packs! 

Here are the direct links for sECULARsTUPIDEST.
Drop in, say hi, roam around enjoy, and definitely "share"!


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Help MusiciansConnect.net reach the next star!

Vote now!MusiciansConnect is entered in a business start-up contest at pitch.co.

Please vote for our idea!

From Ben Seigel

"In the fall of 2001, I was looking for musicians to form an original group.  I didn’t have much success with available methods for reaching people—bulletin boards, online ads, word-of-mouth, and I grew frustrated.  In response, I built MadisonMusicians.Net to support Madison, Wisconsin-area musicians in their search for players, gear, and instructors.  Over the years, MadisonMusicians.Net has registered nearly 2,000 members, and been instrumental in the formation of area bands. It has also connected gear sellers to buyers, teachers to students, and stores to customers.  And as a site user, it helped me too—through the site I found a recording engineer for my album. Madison is a very small market, so the site has been run virtually as a non-profit since its inception.  Because the site yields no profit and I have other commitments, site features and usability have languished in recent years.  However, the model works!  I've long considered that a redesigned, re-focused site would be very successful in larger cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, New York.  For comparison, Madison, Wisconsin has about 230,000 people, and MadisonMusicians.Net has about 50 instructors listed. By contrast, the Chicago Metro Area has over 9 million people.  A proportional instructor count for Chicago would be about 2,000.
After several false starts, I partnered with Corey Losenegger, an seasoned web developer, who is building the site on an open source platform with an expected launch in Summer 2010."


We plan to run a short public beta version for Madison, migrating all MadisonMusicians.Net users while providing a range of feature upgrades, including user photo uploads; capturing instrument skill levels; complete, editable instructor biographies; sign-up via Facebook Connect; and more.
Following our Madison launch, we will add a large metropolitan area and aggressively market the site to the region's musicians.


We plan to use clever, inexpensive marketing to reach our target audience. This may include:
  • A presence at music festivals like Lollapalooza
  • Partnerships with music stores, instructors, schools and venues
  • Viral video, gear giveaways, contests
For me, one of the best things about marketing MusiciansConnect is that it’s totally natural to discuss with any musician I meet.  If I see someone carrying a drum, guitar case, or bass amp, I can easily and naturally strike up a conversation and hand them a business card. Since 95% of the site is free (we will eventually charge for instructor listings), I can heartily promote it all day long with infectious enthusiasm. It is a self-perpetuating business—the more musicians that use it, the more useful it becomes to all.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have just recently been blessed with the opportunity to... "interview" a newly found and extremely admired Facebook friend in... facebook messages! The creator of the newly released "Pledge Ring".

Merely beginning as a note to applaud his effort, the correspondence soon turned to something bigger. It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce both "Pledge Ring" and it's founder, John Neary. A man for whom I am very proud to call exactly an AMERICAN.

The following is a completely unprofessional attempt at an interview. Fortunately, John carried it well!

John, I would like to explore "Pledge Ring" more.
I am a rabid advocate for "messages" and the many forms they take to get to us.

May I ask? Do you mind my "rummaging" about pledge ring over the next day or so and publishing an article on my blog page? http://patsaid.blogspot.com/

I want to see these pieces go even further that the "Nails" did when they came out.
I am very glad to become acquainted with you and your efforts young man.
I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

No problem Patrick! I appreciate your support. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I think there's a "silent majority" who love many things about this country the way it is. That doesn't make for good headlines though "news: everything is fine" :) The pledge of allegiance is a beautiful and simple oath. I'm very proud of it and wear my own ring every day to celebrate it.

Much luck to you


My new young friend, you are an "OAK". :-)
We are certainly in "a time", and many, many are going to be pressed.
I think "John Neary" was born "For a time such as this".

Lots of great questions Patrick! I'll do my best to answer them concisely here:

What brought the design to mind?

1. I was born in Ireland and grew up there before immigrating here (legally!) 10 years ago. I always wore a traditional Irish ring and at one point realized I needed to let my past go (but not disappear) if I was going to truly immigrate. I wanted something to celebrate my new life in the US and when I finally became a proud US citizen in 2007 I committed to having a custom piece made for myself to celebrate the occasion and to recognize that I was committing to making the US my home, for me my wife and my son. I settled on an idea for a design to represent the oath I took when becoming a citizen and decided to represent the pledge of allegiance iconically.

2. The emblems were hard to settle on but once I got them 'right' it felt like they couldn't be anything else.
The star for 'One Nation' was taken from the idea of how we have 50 stars on our flag for our states, but that really we are collectively 'one state'. Hence, one star.
The 'under God' piece was difficult. I had people telling me to skip it completely but I refused to. From what I learned about the US, it was really founded on Christian & Jewish values, so I happen to agree with the place Under God in our pledge.
Also, as an immigrant it's not my place to question the status quo anyway.
You buy into a culture, or you don't.

I love everything about the US and what my life here has become so I'm not about to create something that symbolizes some alternative version of the pledge. Lots of people love it just how it is. I settled on a cross because I'm christian but I do want, at some point, to create another line with the star of david for our patriotic jewish brethren.
The rest of the icons were kind of simple if you ask me . . . just the best way to symbolize the concepts. The 'heart' for indivisible is probably the most cryptic but I think it's the right icon for that concept.

SWB: Have you had prior jewelry/accessories experience or interest?

None. But my uncle in Ireland, Aidan Breen, is a known silversmith so he helped me (with his son) to create the prototypes.

SWB: With so many marketers/entrepreneurs online and well, failing everyday, how did you arrive at your current professional web site, and "clean" marketing plan?

I did web design at one point in my life so I created the site, brand and logo myself (well, I had some help with the logo). I don't have a budget really (this is a side-gig) so I'm starting slowly. I'm hopeful that if the idea takes off I'll make my investment back and maybe enjoy a nice income off it some day. In the meantime I genuinely believe in the product and am so proud to see others enjoying the jewelry and celebrating our pledge of allegiance with pride. I believe in the idea.

SWB: Is "Pledge Ring" a one shot wonder, or are there more designs and pieces on the way?

JN: We just released a 'narrow' ring that some female customers have asked for. We have a pendant and a dog tag too. In the coming months we'll come out with a cross and bracelet. THe products will all have the standard 6 modern icons but as I said earlier I want to produce a jewish version of each piece at some point as well - the timing will depend on the economics.

SWB: Can you recall the pivotal moment when decided to take Pledge Ring from concept to reality?

JN: I think this is covered above but it was really becoming a citizen that triggered the idea. When it comes to actually deciding to build a business from it, that was based on 2 things.
The first: I got great feedback from friends and co-workers who encouraged me.
The second: a year ago i donated my kidney to my sister.
The operation was rough and the whole experience just gave me a new perspective on life. I have a day job that I enjoy but I thought I should just try something entrepreneurial that I could believe in and have a passion in.

SWB: Where did you find your inspiration/calling for Pledge Ring?

JN: I think this is covered above.

SWB: Do you easily see that the values instilled in you from childhood are the seeds of what you produce today as an adult?

JN: Absolutely. I was blessed with a great family in Ireland. My late father was hard working, honest, sincere, fun and conservative. My mother is supportive, determined and deliberate. My siblings are great people and we all get along well (1 brother and 2 sisters).

SWB: John, I appreciate this opportunity to help promote a clear statement of faith, patriotism, and value system that made this country so great and demonstrates the blessing of One Nation Under God.

JN: It's my pleasure to share this with someone who is genuinely interested.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Brew ha ha that's informative and TASTy too!

"Beer 101"
Ya gotta love the basics!
The creator(s) of beernewb.com are coming out from just that postition.

In my personal opinion, we've kind of been over-inundated from all the "professional"  tooters of consumable glories (food/bevs, etc.) the past decade. Good for them, but what about us?
What do WE like? A new generation of blue collar, everyday "pluggers" are coming out of the wood work. And they're bringing the goods!

It's grassroots the way it's meant to be, of, for, and by... the guy next door, for BEER!
Who needs nationalized f/b recommendations and commercial plugs for or from the Rich and Famous and corporately marketed? Oh sure, they're helpful, but I want to know what MY local pub has on tap.
"What's the guy at the next table drinking? That looks good! I'll take that."

Still conversant about the hop(s) world-wide, beernewbs.com seems to be fermenting a solid view from the home-front.

Newly established and already taking off like a case of shaken bottles, this site is loaded with easy-peasy smooth scrolling, no-brainer navigating, and I definitely like that!
Ripe with reader-contrib potentiality, I see a BEER-ki-pedia on the rise.

I just found out that I may have a new career op as a Cicerone!
How great  is that?!? And it sounds cool too!
There's a better chance I'll even remember the name, unlike...uh, what's that winey word for pro-grapers?

Do yourself a solid and don't pass up a chance to learn, laugh, and get your fill of, and even add to... The Lore of The Hops.
"Amateur Cicerones Unite!"
I couldn't resist. See? It is a cool name!

Stop by and say hi to Eric Goldman and the rest of the growing fandom of beernewbs.
You can find them here:
and here:
Cya at the tap!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That's a good thing right?
Have you heard of GREEN energy? Silly question by this point isn't?
I admit to not having been overly conversant on the subject.

Simeon Pappas is doing something about that.

You should meet him, a heck of a nice guy!
You can contact him here:
Phone: 516-672-9733
Email: simeonpappas@gmail.com

 Mr. Pappas introduced me to an organization by the name of Viridian, a socially responsible energy company now serving the N. Eastern United States.

Veridian has a mission statement declaring "to provide their customers greener electricity at an affordable price. As a mission-based company, the accomplishment of this goal is paramount to all other objectives. Unlike  their competitors who charge a premium for green, Viridian accepts a lower profit  in order to make their product affordable to customers."

Their Core Values:
  • Environmental Sustainability. We are dedicated to operating our business as a leader in environmental sustainability by delivering a greener product and creating a culture for employees and partners that reflects our passion.

  • Reliability. Our energy is just as reliable as the local utility and is supported by superior customer service.

  • Empowerment. Through the Viridian Business Opportunity, we provide an opportunity for our independent associates to not only positively impact the environment, but improve their own lives.

  • Integrity. Viridian is committed to the highest standards of ethics in our business operations and in our environmental stewardship.

  • Customer Focus. We provide helpful, courteous and knowledgeable service tailored to each customer’s needs.
You  choose. Similar to picking a phone provider or even where you shop for groceries, the energy market has been opened up for residents like you to shop around and choose the company you want to provide your electricity.
Individual states began to deregulate their electricity markets in the 1990s, making electricity like any other product for sale in a free market where sellers must compete to win the business of customers.
In a deregulated state, suppliers provide the electricity for your home via transmission lines that will continue to be managed and maintained by the utility, guaranteeing reliability of service.
Not too bad huh?

Now serving consumers in NY, CT, NJ, MD, and PA, VERIDIAN is taking a two-fold approach to putting the power back into your hands. Not only in offering less expensive rates on renewable energy, but also by old fashion word of mouth advertising which also provides a source of renewable income for their customers. That could almost work out to free energy for many, and help protect the planet for future generations. What a concept!

With the full weight of summer utility bills about to hit all of us, now is a pretty good time to see about saving... your money, future resources, even your local economy!

Going GREEN on your utilities means keeping GREEN in your pocket!
Check out Veridian today.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

"Be the first of your friends to like this!" :-)
Yeah, I'm shameless.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm

UPDATE: YOU helped raise $700.00 Through United Way with your "Won't be Shaken by No Storm" contributions!
Way to go people!! OoRah! :-)

Tennessee flood relief. Erika Chambers' "Won't be Shaken by No Storm"

"In case you hadn't heard. Nashville just suffered a 100 year flood. And it has been unspeakably devastating. Over the past week, I've watched heartbreaking footage of my city, my community being destroyed. I felt helpless. What could I possibly do?

I don't have a lot of money and resources, but I have a voice and a song, and I'm going to use them to make a difference. I wrote the song, "Won't be Shaken by No Storm" a few months ago, recorded it with my friends, Ricky and Micol of Blue Mother Tupelo, and just finished mixing it just two days before the rain began to fall. Now the lyrics are strangely fitting. 


You can download the song and a coordinating "Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm" poster for a 5$ minimum donation at www.erikachambers.bandcamp.com . ALL the money raised by the downloads will go directly to local flood relief through United Way of Metropolitan Nashville's "Restore the Dream" fund. You can read their response to the flood here: www.unitedwaynashville.org/nashvilleflood. (You can also watch a video of images of the aftermath) . I work for this United Way, and can personally speak to their dedication to the people of this city.

Please download the song and proudly print and display the "Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm" poster at work or at home. Most importantly, please pray for the recovering citizens of my beautiful city and pass this message on to as many of your friends as you can.
Much love from Nashville. Erika Chambers
(also visit my friends Ricky and Micol Davis at www.bluemothertupelo.com )"

Monday, May 3, 2010

They Got Mobbed Again!

Normally I’d say this could be your lucky day.

But I really don’t believe in luck in the usual
sense. I believe YOU make your luck by being
in the right place, at the right time and recognizing
an opportune moment when you see it.

Like now! ?

Last week during the end of their launch the
guys over at Crowd Conversion were kind of
overwhelmed, with the sheer volume of people
trying to break down their virtual doors to get
in on their training.

They actually closed their program down earlier
than they had originally intended and didn't give
out much warning leaving a lot of very upset
people who returned from the weekend only to
find they had missed out.

After much debate and a slew of angry emails
they have decided to reopen Crowd Conversion
for 48 hours, which means you have one last
chance to be part of the most exciting new
direction in marketing in recent memory…

So Crowd Conversion 2.0 reopens Monday at
Noon (Pacific) and closes Tuesday Midnight

There is a tiny window open for you right now,
but you really can’t delay.

Lucky Day If You Act Fast

And even BETTER news, they’ve decided it
wouldn’t be fair to cut you off from the thousands
of dollars of additional bonuses they have piled
on the last day or so of the launch.

So you can still have those too!

Act fast and you’ll get thousands of dollars
more in additional training AND you can still
sign up with a study buddy or an accountability
partner at...

No Additional Cost

The only catch is you MUST sign up no later
than midnight Tuesday 4th May.

So if you missed out, grab all the goodies right here:
Sign Up For Crowd Conversion Now

To all our success,


P.S. Some of the biggest internet marketers in
the world have purchased Crowd Conversion
and many of them are calling it a real game

Don't Get Left Behind

Saturday, May 1, 2010


"Blueprints are forms of history. The architecture and design stay a part
of our lifestyle and mark our civilization. They are markers of our
achievements that stand the test of time and last throughout the ages.

Architecture and design must go hand in hand. From the modern buildings to the
classic columns of ancient Roman Temples, the designs are built around function and beauty."
~Mike Selvon

Today's marketplace is constantly evolving. Standardized methods of operation
are increasingly being challenged by new technology, increased global connectivity and collaboration, and unpredictable economic cycles. As business models change, the success of projects relies more on operations that are immediate, cost-effective, and flexible.

Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the largest and most efficient global platform to connect and perform transactions with Architectural services professionals.

For buyers of services, we partner with you in providing a one stop destination of available talent to push your business and projects forward, giving you the flexibility of expanding your work force depending on market and client demand while offering you a secure environment to communicate,
collaborate, and pay for services using an Escrow system.

For service providers we bring the global marketplace to your doorstep, enabling you to compete with efficiency and expediency at minimal cost. We offer innovative features to highlight your skills and experience, enabling you to attract and retain more customers.


Interior Design
Urban Design

Web Services

follow us at : @Archability

The FREE Resume Dictionary

"Read Write Win." It's as easy as 1,2,3...
With the Resume Dictionary all you do is
A) Select your purpose
B) Choose the power words
C) See the examples

Boosting Your Skills with the FREE Resume Dictionary

Are you a resume writing amateur? You are not alone!
Resume writing can be extremely challenging, even for the most brilliant and talented writers.

What is a good resume? A powerful resume uses impact language that makes your resume stand out.
This language consists of power words and phrases that highlight your skills and
abilities. Unfortunately, most job-seekers do not know how to use these power words accurately.

The FREE Resume Dictionary is an up-to-date resume how to resource for both resume writing beginners and resume writing pros. You will also find this site a powerful tool for KSA writing.
The Resume Dictionary is the power tool for resume writing.

Let's face it. Who actually enjoys writing their own resume?
I loathe writing about myself! Peek at any of my "bio's", that should be proof
enough. But, until we all are "chipped", resumes are here to stay, there's no
real getting around them. So, like or loathe, we still need to go for the
I haven't seen a more writer friendly compilation of tools for writing one's own resume.

I think Mr Baker should have named his site the Resume Britanica.
Resume Dictionary was formed to help job seekers with resume writing with the
power of language and provide information about formatting, writing, posting
resumes and job hunting and career information.
Resume Dictionary has contributions from HR Directors and personnel, Career
Advisers, Professional Career Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Professors, and job

See what I mean? The site is encyclopedic, there's even a "thesauric function" ( I did that;-).
This website is an excellent free tool to help you get ahead of your competition with resume words.

The Resume Dictionary was created in 2007 by The Hire Authority,  bestselling author Phil Baker.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I will post/tweet your ad to a collective 15,000+ Friends and followers. If I believe in YOU. for $5

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BEYOND BEYOND~ Ideas and Inspirations

Has anyone seen this?

BEYOND BEYOND~ Wedding Invitations and well, EVERYTHING to do with weddings and babies (if they're cute;-) so says the tag.
Talk about a United Kingdom...of nuptials!
Weaving the old with the new, forever.

In one site there is all that there is to do with the bride's day of days! Now, not that I'm tying anymore knots in the foreseeable, but there are some pretty neat things going on in the world of "honest women" and I kinda like what they are doing with it!

In the irrepressible Londoner style and tone, there is what has become a brit classic of mixing tradition with "fab", quirky with old world, eclecticism with class.
Yes, I believe all of that means... chic!

If June is special for you this year, I highly recommend taking a stroll through these pages, and uh... "tic toc"!
Intendeds will get lost with all the this and the that catching their eye at every turn of the page. Digitally of course ;-)

Got a question? Just ask them! Super friendly and enthusiastic about nabbing Mr. Right, these Ladies are taking shotguns out of the cathedrals and bringing grace, charm and... FUN to romance and it's inevitable end.

Oooops! I mean sacred beginnings;-)!
Ask for Amma.
Tell 'em Pat sent ya.
It won't get you a discount, I just like saying that;-)!

abctvads~ Bringing voice to talent!

                                         Pat C.

Career commercial actor and peerless voice talent has been bringing superb dulcimer tones to successful ad campaigns for many years. With credits across the entertainment industry, if you don't recognize him, you've probably been unplugged somewhere along the way!

For those using professional advertisement in your efforts. Or about to take your first steps into professional presentation, consider the best to carry your message.
Take a look and listen to how Pat can make your campaign a...
"Call to attention".


Thursday, April 15, 2010

.ning phasing out the free, new CEO is heading for the money. http://ping.fm/puNvp

If you’ve been noticing that old tricks aren't working lately, you’re right. THIS is the solution!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please DO NOT SHARE - this is For JV"s Only!!

I’ve just watched the most shocking Free video.

If you’re marketing ANYTHING online
at all, and you don’t do THIS you’re sunk.

With 39 Billion page views per month,
Facebook now accounts for 25% of ALL
internet page views in the USA

[The Shocking Truth]

Trying to ignore Facebook is about as stupid
as trying to ignore Google.  (ask Microsoft).

In fact Google have publicly acknowledged
that Facebook is the only competition that
they really fear and with good reason.

The gurus have literally jumped on this and
If you choose to ignore it well, I wish you
a lot of luck  keeping back the tides of change
that are sweeping over all of us.

[Watch This. You’ll Soon Understand]
Normally I’m not quite this outspoken or harsh.

But in this case, if you’re not using Facebook
in your marketing, you're really are at serious
risk of your business becoming a dim memory
or going the way of the Model-T.

Disclaimer: (antiques can be valuable)
I’m not trying to be mysterious here ...
(well, maybe a LITTLE bit mysterious!).

But if you are having trouble getting qualified
prospects to your website…

If you’re having a heck of a time trying to
afford your marketing…

If you would LOVE to have a stampede of
traffic from Facebook to your business so
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400 million users. It’s mind-boggling.
Even seasoned internet marketing gurus are?going to learn from them.
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It’s a video. It doesn’t cost a dime to watch.
You’ll get more astounding strategy, tips, and
specific facts you can use immediately than
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And it can truly change the path of your business.  
I don’t care if your business is already super
successful or you’re just getting started.  
[You NEED This!] 
OK, that’s it for now. I’m off to start
implementing this myself! 
Here's to Boat Drinks!
P.S. After going through this video, I found
myself awake at 3 a.m. because my mind was
racing with the possibilities.
This is kind of like having the keys to the marketing
kingdom. The potential is almost overwhelming… 
[This Will Keep You Awake At Night]

Affiliate Disclaimer:
From time to time, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale.
My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my belief that the product
and its author will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, my relationship with that person, and/or previous positive experience with the person or company who's product I am recommending.
In some cases, I will be compensated if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation.

Friday, April 9, 2010

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

Ok, being a dyed in the sandal, right wing, no schooled ex-construction worker, I confess some initial skepticism...

But as I spoke with Steve, the web-prenuer who has brain trusted this concept... I have to say, I'm convinced that not only is there a market, but a serviceable place for ... sock subscriptions!

Military, construction, plumbing, avid campers, frequent fliers, tired wives, hot-line cooks, diabetics, athletes... the list literally goes on and on! I may pester him to develop an affiliate program.

For those mentioned, the page will ( I believe) speak for itself.

For me, I can speak a bit about the man behind the pedi-wrap revolution to come.

Willing to... toe the line!

Steve is a father of two, a recently bullied online individual whom the fox network felt was a looming threat to their empire. See that story " here"

Only recently met, I'm compelled to like Steve right off the bat. He's humorous, innovative, engaging, I think a bit on the brave side and he's got moxy! ;-) I highly recommend getting to know him a bit more and getting the toes cozy!

"What are you wearing?!?"

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

With a back-beat rhythm, bluesy and slow…;-)

Erika Chambers, not a "new" voice for very long!

Erika Chambers
Coming through the trials and tribs of every classic blues artist, Erika Chambers brings little bits of every piece of her journey with her to the mic. In a style that reminds me of many film noirs from the 80's and the club scene of the Big Easy, Erika Chambers lends a plaintive sensuality and classic bluesy tone to fresh music and lyrics.
Often lauded as similar to Alison Krauss, I personally hear a lot of Edie Brickell and Celtic Woman, either way, if your leaning towards a bluegrass, folk, Celt and or a lightly jazzy sound, you found it in Erika Chambers!
Give yourself a treat of listening pleasure...
Become a fan and get your free download today!
In her own words...
"I write songs in the quiet of my own mind. I may be in the car, at work, in the shower or in bed, but it’s always private. personal. I’m inspired by old hymns and mountain songs, my great grandmother, a special needs child, a suicide, a news story, my time in Africa, a guitar lick, maybe even an old flame. Still, each time, it’s personal. That’s why I am always amazed when my music reaches into the heart of a stranger and stirs something. I hope it stirs something in you. Peace. Erika"
Erika Chambers | Goodlettsville, TN | Folk / Bluegrassish / Old School | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

Erika's downloadable cd page:

Kylie Bartlett

One of the most amazing forces I have ever encountered!

Kylie Bartlett

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The Point is... I am a demographic. I am a customer. I am a client. A prospect.
A potential repeat customer. A follower. A "friend". A contact.
I am your pocket book. How do you get me? Have me again? Keep me?
I blog, I post, I tweet, I'm LinkedIn, I digg,
About what?
My experience with YOU.
What am I going to say?

Kylie Bartlett knows.
Why? How? Because she decided what I would have to say about her before she ever even met me.
Hocus pocus? Market mysticism? No.

Good sound sense, open awareness, determination of presence, professional demeanor, goal targeted, plan persistence, astounding friendliness, genuine appreciation of others. A polished and well exercised talent. A clearly distinguished chosen set of skills ever increasing and accommodating.

She likes me. I knew it before I even introduced myself. She decided that before she ever heard of me. It is what she demonstrates. It's the way she lives, her business reflects it and the world is reacting to it.
Already an international speaker, a Web Celeb, a global name rising.

The classic rags to Riches story. A wonderful Lady, wife, mum, friend, encourager, chum, business power house, a room brightener, leader, teacher, and so much fun!!! She shares her enjoyment of success, and the success of enjoyment.

Short list: I like her. I trust her. I praise her. I look for her.
Find out why for yourself:-).
You'll always be glad you did.


Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf

“Grumble, Grumble, GRUMBLE!”
That’s the “Real Men Don’t Use Recipes” free flying smoking flamer in me, resigning my lifetime position!
At least this one time!
Why? Why you ask has our happy go lucky fiery Leprechaun of Southwest Smokery gone drone? Why has our hero forgone the Freedom of the American Grill a la modèle libre?!? Why take up the bonds of the dreaded… written lore?!?
Well, thanks for asking! ;-)
I’ll tell ya!
THIS man right HERE!

Chef Hoboken Eddie!
In the weeks to come you will be introduced to, presented, regaled, availed, exhibited, and demonstrated upon… the mouth watering, tongue titillating, lip searing, flavor exploding, dish enhancing “Like Nobody’s Business”, TASTE Buds Tangoing sensational sauces of Celebrity Chef Hoboken Eddie!
This is no Kitchen Con, this is pure flavor nirvana in your face!
Santa must have had an elf-bill to get passed or something, because Christmas for your TASTE Buds came in March this year. And the cornucopic TASTE-ifery will be total Madness!!!
Let us begin…
“It was a dark and stormy…” (Doh!) Sorry, wrong story!
Here we go;-)
I couldn’t wait for the Gullible Warming to thaw to get cracking on these vestibules of El Dorado that arrived at the door this weekend! So… what’s a grilling guy to do?
Again. I’m glad you asked!
Here’s what I had…
Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf
3-3/4 oz. Hoboken Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
18oz. Pkg, Of your fave Bratts
1lb. Hamburger
8 slices of whole grain wheat bread
½ clove garlic
½ white onion
½ green bell pepper
one 7oz. can of mushrooms (choose fresh if you can!)
½ 12oz pkg. Frozen California Style Veggies (ditto!)
one 7oz. can of tomato sauce
1tbs. Sea salt
1tbs. Black pepper
2 large eggs
The will to “Get fed”!!!;-)
What I did…
I lightly toasted the bread, then left them racked to finish drying (approx. 3hrs).
Whipped out the biggest bowl in the kitchen and went ginsu on the veggies!
Sent the shrooms to join the party. Then, I grabbed the next biggest bowl.
Bread Crumbing Time! I tossed in The rest of the dry ingredients, shook it up a bit and
introduced them to the garden party going on in the next bowl over.
With the support team getting to know one another, I turned my attention to the wet stuff.
Fortunately for me there were only two;-)! I mixed the red stuff with Chef Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili sauce and set it aside. Now it was time for that which all this had come together for. The MEAT! I are carnivore!
First, I de-case the bratts (slice and remove skin), and tossed them into the bowl I rescued from the crumbs (yes, I am a hero that way!), added the hamburger and got wrist deep in protein play doh (mish AND mash!)! Confident that their union was now everlasting, I added the two eggs and repeated the original ceremony. Ain’t love grand?
With this done, I introduced the guest of the hour to the rest of the party (it was the bigger bowl!), and mixed for the final time.
Now, those that know me, know I’m a LODGE brother! The 12in was going to be my partner in this capper and I lightly covered the bottom with evoo. Thus prepared, in went the meat mix, I reverently patted it all down nice and even across the pan. I filled it to just one half inch from the rim.
I grabbed a mixing spoon and using the round end, I poked holes all across the surface of the panned loaf and poured the sauce all over it, spreading evenly to the pan edge.
Like me you will notice the sauce mix was just a touch shy of optimum thickness.
What to do? Well, don’t shoot the hostage on this one. Just grab that bottle of beautiful heat nectar and pour on some more!
45 min later I pulled the skillet from the 350` degree oven and let it stand for 10min.
I could write about three more pages about the sensory magical mystery tour that was going on.
The aroma! The sight of it, the sizzling, and then gentle reader, once plated, the flavor!
I served with corn and cabbage. HEY! It's still the National Irish History Month!
But I won’t, because like with all good meatloaves, it’s the next day, and I need a sandwich! This sauce is de licimo!
Get fed!

Webinar Recording ~ 6 Figure Income Blueprint

Jess and Graeme Stuart

What a treat, a repeat! :-)

Jess and Graeme Stuart everybody!

A warm, real sharing of experience(s), truth, and genuine advice.

I was sold on these two the moment I discovered them! Jess and Graeme offer themselves generously and enthusiastically to teach, encourage, and ward from pitfalls so prevalent in the on-line experience. Here they offer a serious round of instruction, strategy, and real life steps to success in building your on-line presence in the genuine warm hearted manner that is their signature.

Wherever you may be in your on line efforts, a nube, or a seasoned vet, you will find ample value and find yourself enjoying Jess and Graeme’s gracious mentoring and sharing their personal steps to success.

With a “nugget” rich Q&A session at the end, this webinar is easily the best one I have ever experienced. I always feel at home with these two and I owe much of what I have accomplished on line to date to them.
Pull up a seat and be welcomed by two of the savviest and sweetest successful inter-prenuers you will ever encounter.

Webinar Recording ~ 6 Figure Income Blueprint

Simply. Shapely. One.

What do I know about... supergirdles (body shapers)?

I'm a guy. Absolutely nothing!
Now, what do I know about Millicent Hollingsworth in the short time I have come to know her here in socmed?
Character. Strength. Courage. Discipline. Sweet. Determined.
Having been a child of a single working mom myself. I very much like the word Brave.
Millicent has made her way through a still very young life braving hardships and highlights alike. It’s been my pleasure and honor to speak with Millicent on numerous occasions these past months. Her good humor and infectious laughter, her eager “just do it” attitude and swift willingness to help alone are deal-makers.
One issue for Millicent that she takes very personally was her self-image.Today, as so many of us online know, there’s an opportunity to match every snow flake that has ever fallen and just as varied.
This degreed back to school working mother of two and online entrepreneur has steadily taken steps to remove every “block” that she comes to. Self-image was no different. Millicent discovered something that truly brought function to intention and has borne some serious… “Va va Voom”!! http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Now, that I know about! I am a guy! Already racing to the top in her selected circle of success, Millicent wants to help you reach your dreams to.Whether your thoughts are on a little help to get the strut back in your stuff, looking for a solid organization that is there, 24/7, day in , day out to help you achieve your own dreams of success, or both.
You could do much worse for a long time and through a lot of expensive trials than to simply turn to one that knows, has been there, has done that, and is ready and available to help you realize a new view and a new you. http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Stop by and see what Millicent can help you see about your image, your future.
I’m sure it will be simply a shapely one!

Welcome to Hoboken Eddies!

"Tony! Ribs should be grilled, BBQ'ed or smoked, but not broken!"

Visit Chef Eddie here...


Or you may find him weighing in at a number of places on the web such as...


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