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Monday, April 26, 2010

I will post/tweet your ad to a collective 15,000+ Friends and followers. If I believe in YOU. for $5

Saturday, April 17, 2010

BEYOND BEYOND~ Ideas and Inspirations

Has anyone seen this?

BEYOND BEYOND~ Wedding Invitations and well, EVERYTHING to do with weddings and babies (if they're cute;-) so says the tag.
Talk about a United Kingdom...of nuptials!
Weaving the old with the new, forever.

In one site there is all that there is to do with the bride's day of days! Now, not that I'm tying anymore knots in the foreseeable, but there are some pretty neat things going on in the world of "honest women" and I kinda like what they are doing with it!

In the irrepressible Londoner style and tone, there is what has become a brit classic of mixing tradition with "fab", quirky with old world, eclecticism with class.
Yes, I believe all of that means... chic!

If June is special for you this year, I highly recommend taking a stroll through these pages, and uh... "tic toc"!
Intendeds will get lost with all the this and the that catching their eye at every turn of the page. Digitally of course ;-)

Got a question? Just ask them! Super friendly and enthusiastic about nabbing Mr. Right, these Ladies are taking shotguns out of the cathedrals and bringing grace, charm and... FUN to romance and it's inevitable end.

Oooops! I mean sacred beginnings;-)!
Ask for Amma.
Tell 'em Pat sent ya.
It won't get you a discount, I just like saying that;-)!

abctvads~ Bringing voice to talent!

                                         Pat C.

Career commercial actor and peerless voice talent has been bringing superb dulcimer tones to successful ad campaigns for many years. With credits across the entertainment industry, if you don't recognize him, you've probably been unplugged somewhere along the way!

For those using professional advertisement in your efforts. Or about to take your first steps into professional presentation, consider the best to carry your message.
Take a look and listen to how Pat can make your campaign a...
"Call to attention".


Thursday, April 15, 2010

.ning phasing out the free, new CEO is heading for the money. http://ping.fm/puNvp

If you’ve been noticing that old tricks aren't working lately, you’re right. THIS is the solution!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please DO NOT SHARE - this is For JV"s Only!!

I’ve just watched the most shocking Free video.

If you’re marketing ANYTHING online
at all, and you don’t do THIS you’re sunk.

With 39 Billion page views per month,
Facebook now accounts for 25% of ALL
internet page views in the USA

[The Shocking Truth]

Trying to ignore Facebook is about as stupid
as trying to ignore Google.  (ask Microsoft).

In fact Google have publicly acknowledged
that Facebook is the only competition that
they really fear and with good reason.

The gurus have literally jumped on this and
If you choose to ignore it well, I wish you
a lot of luck  keeping back the tides of change
that are sweeping over all of us.

[Watch This. You’ll Soon Understand]
Normally I’m not quite this outspoken or harsh.

But in this case, if you’re not using Facebook
in your marketing, you're really are at serious
risk of your business becoming a dim memory
or going the way of the Model-T.

Disclaimer: (antiques can be valuable)
I’m not trying to be mysterious here ...
(well, maybe a LITTLE bit mysterious!).

But if you are having trouble getting qualified
prospects to your website…

If you’re having a heck of a time trying to
afford your marketing…

If you would LOVE to have a stampede of
traffic from Facebook to your business so
fast it will make your head spin…

[You’re Going To LOVE This!]

You see, these two guys have so cracked
the code on how to generate a ton-o-traffic
and monetize the GOLDMINE  OF Facebook’s
400 million users. It’s mind-boggling.
Even seasoned internet marketing gurus are?going to learn from them.
[Get The Facts Here] 
It’s a video. It doesn’t cost a dime to watch.
You’ll get more astounding strategy, tips, and
specific facts you can use immediately than
from most of the products you PAY for.
And it can truly change the path of your business.  
I don’t care if your business is already super
successful or you’re just getting started.  
[You NEED This!] 
OK, that’s it for now. I’m off to start
implementing this myself! 
Here's to Boat Drinks!
P.S. After going through this video, I found
myself awake at 3 a.m. because my mind was
racing with the possibilities.
This is kind of like having the keys to the marketing
kingdom. The potential is almost overwhelming… 
[This Will Keep You Awake At Night]

Affiliate Disclaimer:
From time to time, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale.
My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my belief that the product
and its author will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, my relationship with that person, and/or previous positive experience with the person or company who's product I am recommending.
In some cases, I will be compensated if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation.

Friday, April 9, 2010

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

Ok, being a dyed in the sandal, right wing, no schooled ex-construction worker, I confess some initial skepticism...

But as I spoke with Steve, the web-prenuer who has brain trusted this concept... I have to say, I'm convinced that not only is there a market, but a serviceable place for ... sock subscriptions!

Military, construction, plumbing, avid campers, frequent fliers, tired wives, hot-line cooks, diabetics, athletes... the list literally goes on and on! I may pester him to develop an affiliate program.

For those mentioned, the page will ( I believe) speak for itself.

For me, I can speak a bit about the man behind the pedi-wrap revolution to come.

Willing to... toe the line!

Steve is a father of two, a recently bullied online individual whom the fox network felt was a looming threat to their empire. See that story " here"

Only recently met, I'm compelled to like Steve right off the bat. He's humorous, innovative, engaging, I think a bit on the brave side and he's got moxy! ;-) I highly recommend getting to know him a bit more and getting the toes cozy!

"What are you wearing?!?"

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

With a back-beat rhythm, bluesy and slow…;-)

Erika Chambers, not a "new" voice for very long!

Erika Chambers
Coming through the trials and tribs of every classic blues artist, Erika Chambers brings little bits of every piece of her journey with her to the mic. In a style that reminds me of many film noirs from the 80's and the club scene of the Big Easy, Erika Chambers lends a plaintive sensuality and classic bluesy tone to fresh music and lyrics.
Often lauded as similar to Alison Krauss, I personally hear a lot of Edie Brickell and Celtic Woman, either way, if your leaning towards a bluegrass, folk, Celt and or a lightly jazzy sound, you found it in Erika Chambers!
Give yourself a treat of listening pleasure...
Become a fan and get your free download today!
In her own words...
"I write songs in the quiet of my own mind. I may be in the car, at work, in the shower or in bed, but it’s always private. personal. I’m inspired by old hymns and mountain songs, my great grandmother, a special needs child, a suicide, a news story, my time in Africa, a guitar lick, maybe even an old flame. Still, each time, it’s personal. That’s why I am always amazed when my music reaches into the heart of a stranger and stirs something. I hope it stirs something in you. Peace. Erika"
Erika Chambers | Goodlettsville, TN | Folk / Bluegrassish / Old School | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

Erika's downloadable cd page:

Kylie Bartlett

One of the most amazing forces I have ever encountered!

Kylie Bartlett

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The Point is... I am a demographic. I am a customer. I am a client. A prospect.
A potential repeat customer. A follower. A "friend". A contact.
I am your pocket book. How do you get me? Have me again? Keep me?
I blog, I post, I tweet, I'm LinkedIn, I digg,
About what?
My experience with YOU.
What am I going to say?

Kylie Bartlett knows.
Why? How? Because she decided what I would have to say about her before she ever even met me.
Hocus pocus? Market mysticism? No.

Good sound sense, open awareness, determination of presence, professional demeanor, goal targeted, plan persistence, astounding friendliness, genuine appreciation of others. A polished and well exercised talent. A clearly distinguished chosen set of skills ever increasing and accommodating.

She likes me. I knew it before I even introduced myself. She decided that before she ever heard of me. It is what she demonstrates. It's the way she lives, her business reflects it and the world is reacting to it.
Already an international speaker, a Web Celeb, a global name rising.

The classic rags to Riches story. A wonderful Lady, wife, mum, friend, encourager, chum, business power house, a room brightener, leader, teacher, and so much fun!!! She shares her enjoyment of success, and the success of enjoyment.

Short list: I like her. I trust her. I praise her. I look for her.
Find out why for yourself:-).
You'll always be glad you did.


Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf

“Grumble, Grumble, GRUMBLE!”
That’s the “Real Men Don’t Use Recipes” free flying smoking flamer in me, resigning my lifetime position!
At least this one time!
Why? Why you ask has our happy go lucky fiery Leprechaun of Southwest Smokery gone drone? Why has our hero forgone the Freedom of the American Grill a la modèle libre?!? Why take up the bonds of the dreaded… written lore?!?
Well, thanks for asking! ;-)
I’ll tell ya!
THIS man right HERE!

Chef Hoboken Eddie!
In the weeks to come you will be introduced to, presented, regaled, availed, exhibited, and demonstrated upon… the mouth watering, tongue titillating, lip searing, flavor exploding, dish enhancing “Like Nobody’s Business”, TASTE Buds Tangoing sensational sauces of Celebrity Chef Hoboken Eddie!
This is no Kitchen Con, this is pure flavor nirvana in your face!
Santa must have had an elf-bill to get passed or something, because Christmas for your TASTE Buds came in March this year. And the cornucopic TASTE-ifery will be total Madness!!!
Let us begin…
“It was a dark and stormy…” (Doh!) Sorry, wrong story!
Here we go;-)
I couldn’t wait for the Gullible Warming to thaw to get cracking on these vestibules of El Dorado that arrived at the door this weekend! So… what’s a grilling guy to do?
Again. I’m glad you asked!
Here’s what I had…
Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf
3-3/4 oz. Hoboken Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
18oz. Pkg, Of your fave Bratts
1lb. Hamburger
8 slices of whole grain wheat bread
½ clove garlic
½ white onion
½ green bell pepper
one 7oz. can of mushrooms (choose fresh if you can!)
½ 12oz pkg. Frozen California Style Veggies (ditto!)
one 7oz. can of tomato sauce
1tbs. Sea salt
1tbs. Black pepper
2 large eggs
The will to “Get fed”!!!;-)
What I did…
I lightly toasted the bread, then left them racked to finish drying (approx. 3hrs).
Whipped out the biggest bowl in the kitchen and went ginsu on the veggies!
Sent the shrooms to join the party. Then, I grabbed the next biggest bowl.
Bread Crumbing Time! I tossed in The rest of the dry ingredients, shook it up a bit and
introduced them to the garden party going on in the next bowl over.
With the support team getting to know one another, I turned my attention to the wet stuff.
Fortunately for me there were only two;-)! I mixed the red stuff with Chef Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili sauce and set it aside. Now it was time for that which all this had come together for. The MEAT! I are carnivore!
First, I de-case the bratts (slice and remove skin), and tossed them into the bowl I rescued from the crumbs (yes, I am a hero that way!), added the hamburger and got wrist deep in protein play doh (mish AND mash!)! Confident that their union was now everlasting, I added the two eggs and repeated the original ceremony. Ain’t love grand?
With this done, I introduced the guest of the hour to the rest of the party (it was the bigger bowl!), and mixed for the final time.
Now, those that know me, know I’m a LODGE brother! The 12in was going to be my partner in this capper and I lightly covered the bottom with evoo. Thus prepared, in went the meat mix, I reverently patted it all down nice and even across the pan. I filled it to just one half inch from the rim.
I grabbed a mixing spoon and using the round end, I poked holes all across the surface of the panned loaf and poured the sauce all over it, spreading evenly to the pan edge.
Like me you will notice the sauce mix was just a touch shy of optimum thickness.
What to do? Well, don’t shoot the hostage on this one. Just grab that bottle of beautiful heat nectar and pour on some more!
45 min later I pulled the skillet from the 350` degree oven and let it stand for 10min.
I could write about three more pages about the sensory magical mystery tour that was going on.
The aroma! The sight of it, the sizzling, and then gentle reader, once plated, the flavor!
I served with corn and cabbage. HEY! It's still the National Irish History Month!
But I won’t, because like with all good meatloaves, it’s the next day, and I need a sandwich! This sauce is de licimo!
Get fed!

Webinar Recording ~ 6 Figure Income Blueprint

Jess and Graeme Stuart

What a treat, a repeat! :-)

Jess and Graeme Stuart everybody!

A warm, real sharing of experience(s), truth, and genuine advice.

I was sold on these two the moment I discovered them! Jess and Graeme offer themselves generously and enthusiastically to teach, encourage, and ward from pitfalls so prevalent in the on-line experience. Here they offer a serious round of instruction, strategy, and real life steps to success in building your on-line presence in the genuine warm hearted manner that is their signature.

Wherever you may be in your on line efforts, a nube, or a seasoned vet, you will find ample value and find yourself enjoying Jess and Graeme’s gracious mentoring and sharing their personal steps to success.

With a “nugget” rich Q&A session at the end, this webinar is easily the best one I have ever experienced. I always feel at home with these two and I owe much of what I have accomplished on line to date to them.
Pull up a seat and be welcomed by two of the savviest and sweetest successful inter-prenuers you will ever encounter.

Webinar Recording ~ 6 Figure Income Blueprint

Simply. Shapely. One.

What do I know about... supergirdles (body shapers)?

I'm a guy. Absolutely nothing!
Now, what do I know about Millicent Hollingsworth in the short time I have come to know her here in socmed?
Character. Strength. Courage. Discipline. Sweet. Determined.
Having been a child of a single working mom myself. I very much like the word Brave.
Millicent has made her way through a still very young life braving hardships and highlights alike. It’s been my pleasure and honor to speak with Millicent on numerous occasions these past months. Her good humor and infectious laughter, her eager “just do it” attitude and swift willingness to help alone are deal-makers.
One issue for Millicent that she takes very personally was her self-image.Today, as so many of us online know, there’s an opportunity to match every snow flake that has ever fallen and just as varied.
This degreed back to school working mother of two and online entrepreneur has steadily taken steps to remove every “block” that she comes to. Self-image was no different. Millicent discovered something that truly brought function to intention and has borne some serious… “Va va Voom”!! http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Now, that I know about! I am a guy! Already racing to the top in her selected circle of success, Millicent wants to help you reach your dreams to.Whether your thoughts are on a little help to get the strut back in your stuff, looking for a solid organization that is there, 24/7, day in , day out to help you achieve your own dreams of success, or both.
You could do much worse for a long time and through a lot of expensive trials than to simply turn to one that knows, has been there, has done that, and is ready and available to help you realize a new view and a new you. http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Stop by and see what Millicent can help you see about your image, your future.
I’m sure it will be simply a shapely one!

Welcome to Hoboken Eddies!

"Tony! Ribs should be grilled, BBQ'ed or smoked, but not broken!"

Visit Chef Eddie here...


Or you may find him weighing in at a number of places on the web such as...


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Tired of the same ol?


I recently had a young man and his site brought to my attention via Fiverr, I was asked to share his work a bit. In looking around his page I thought it was kind of... well, mildly typical of what is to my mind similar sites, around page 7, I noticed I had been viewing the page for over an hour! NOT SO TYPICAL after all!

Though some content certainly did not align with my personal taste, politics, etc... I was amused, and even learned a thing or two. Go ahead and give yourself a chuckle or find a new thing to make you say "hmmm".

You can even follow or submit something you think twitty here.

While you're on Facebook, take a look and join the fan page.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Squidoo Sensei

Squidoo Lenses:
Jeffrey Sherwood builds Squidoo lenses for $20 each.
Squidoo has a page rank of 8 and will provide you with some premium links to your website. Not only will you be able to get some powerful links but you will also have the opportunity to make some secondary income from the people who are visiting your lens. You have the option to add Amazon and Ebay modules to promote products that go along with the content of your lens.

Each lens will include the following:
400-450 words unique content
Main keyword in the url
Lens fully optimized for search engines
Pictures that go with content
2 Links back to your website
Content broken into at least 5 modules with different headings containing keyword in each module
Lens bookmarked on 30 different social bookmarking sites
Free transfer of lens to your Squidoo account so that you have full control of it and own it for life
Bulk Discount: 3 lenses-$50; 5 lenses -$75
Contact me for your custom lens today!