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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Brew ha ha that's informative and TASTy too!

"Beer 101"
Ya gotta love the basics!
The creator(s) of beernewb.com are coming out from just that postition.

In my personal opinion, we've kind of been over-inundated from all the "professional"  tooters of consumable glories (food/bevs, etc.) the past decade. Good for them, but what about us?
What do WE like? A new generation of blue collar, everyday "pluggers" are coming out of the wood work. And they're bringing the goods!

It's grassroots the way it's meant to be, of, for, and by... the guy next door, for BEER!
Who needs nationalized f/b recommendations and commercial plugs for or from the Rich and Famous and corporately marketed? Oh sure, they're helpful, but I want to know what MY local pub has on tap.
"What's the guy at the next table drinking? That looks good! I'll take that."

Still conversant about the hop(s) world-wide, beernewbs.com seems to be fermenting a solid view from the home-front.

Newly established and already taking off like a case of shaken bottles, this site is loaded with easy-peasy smooth scrolling, no-brainer navigating, and I definitely like that!
Ripe with reader-contrib potentiality, I see a BEER-ki-pedia on the rise.

I just found out that I may have a new career op as a Cicerone!
How great  is that?!? And it sounds cool too!
There's a better chance I'll even remember the name, unlike...uh, what's that winey word for pro-grapers?

Do yourself a solid and don't pass up a chance to learn, laugh, and get your fill of, and even add to... The Lore of The Hops.
"Amateur Cicerones Unite!"
I couldn't resist. See? It is a cool name!

Stop by and say hi to Eric Goldman and the rest of the growing fandom of beernewbs.
You can find them here:
and here:
Cya at the tap!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That's a good thing right?
Have you heard of GREEN energy? Silly question by this point isn't?
I admit to not having been overly conversant on the subject.

Simeon Pappas is doing something about that.

You should meet him, a heck of a nice guy!
You can contact him here:
Phone: 516-672-9733
Email: simeonpappas@gmail.com

 Mr. Pappas introduced me to an organization by the name of Viridian, a socially responsible energy company now serving the N. Eastern United States.

Veridian has a mission statement declaring "to provide their customers greener electricity at an affordable price. As a mission-based company, the accomplishment of this goal is paramount to all other objectives. Unlike  their competitors who charge a premium for green, Viridian accepts a lower profit  in order to make their product affordable to customers."

Their Core Values:
  • Environmental Sustainability. We are dedicated to operating our business as a leader in environmental sustainability by delivering a greener product and creating a culture for employees and partners that reflects our passion.

  • Reliability. Our energy is just as reliable as the local utility and is supported by superior customer service.

  • Empowerment. Through the Viridian Business Opportunity, we provide an opportunity for our independent associates to not only positively impact the environment, but improve their own lives.

  • Integrity. Viridian is committed to the highest standards of ethics in our business operations and in our environmental stewardship.

  • Customer Focus. We provide helpful, courteous and knowledgeable service tailored to each customer’s needs.
You  choose. Similar to picking a phone provider or even where you shop for groceries, the energy market has been opened up for residents like you to shop around and choose the company you want to provide your electricity.
Individual states began to deregulate their electricity markets in the 1990s, making electricity like any other product for sale in a free market where sellers must compete to win the business of customers.
In a deregulated state, suppliers provide the electricity for your home via transmission lines that will continue to be managed and maintained by the utility, guaranteeing reliability of service.
Not too bad huh?

Now serving consumers in NY, CT, NJ, MD, and PA, VERIDIAN is taking a two-fold approach to putting the power back into your hands. Not only in offering less expensive rates on renewable energy, but also by old fashion word of mouth advertising which also provides a source of renewable income for their customers. That could almost work out to free energy for many, and help protect the planet for future generations. What a concept!

With the full weight of summer utility bills about to hit all of us, now is a pretty good time to see about saving... your money, future resources, even your local economy!

Going GREEN on your utilities means keeping GREEN in your pocket!
Check out Veridian today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Flirt and Convert on Facebook

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Be the first of your friends to like this!" :-)
Yeah, I'm shameless.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm

UPDATE: YOU helped raise $700.00 Through United Way with your "Won't be Shaken by No Storm" contributions!
Way to go people!! OoRah! :-)

Tennessee flood relief. Erika Chambers' "Won't be Shaken by No Storm"

"In case you hadn't heard. Nashville just suffered a 100 year flood. And it has been unspeakably devastating. Over the past week, I've watched heartbreaking footage of my city, my community being destroyed. I felt helpless. What could I possibly do?

I don't have a lot of money and resources, but I have a voice and a song, and I'm going to use them to make a difference. I wrote the song, "Won't be Shaken by No Storm" a few months ago, recorded it with my friends, Ricky and Micol of Blue Mother Tupelo, and just finished mixing it just two days before the rain began to fall. Now the lyrics are strangely fitting. 


You can download the song and a coordinating "Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm" poster for a 5$ minimum donation at www.erikachambers.bandcamp.com . ALL the money raised by the downloads will go directly to local flood relief through United Way of Metropolitan Nashville's "Restore the Dream" fund. You can read their response to the flood here: www.unitedwaynashville.org/nashvilleflood. (You can also watch a video of images of the aftermath) . I work for this United Way, and can personally speak to their dedication to the people of this city.

Please download the song and proudly print and display the "Nashville Won't be Shaken by No Storm" poster at work or at home. Most importantly, please pray for the recovering citizens of my beautiful city and pass this message on to as many of your friends as you can.
Much love from Nashville. Erika Chambers
(also visit my friends Ricky and Micol Davis at www.bluemothertupelo.com )"

Monday, May 3, 2010

They Got Mobbed Again!

Normally I’d say this could be your lucky day.

But I really don’t believe in luck in the usual
sense. I believe YOU make your luck by being
in the right place, at the right time and recognizing
an opportune moment when you see it.

Like now! ?

Last week during the end of their launch the
guys over at Crowd Conversion were kind of
overwhelmed, with the sheer volume of people
trying to break down their virtual doors to get
in on their training.

They actually closed their program down earlier
than they had originally intended and didn't give
out much warning leaving a lot of very upset
people who returned from the weekend only to
find they had missed out.

After much debate and a slew of angry emails
they have decided to reopen Crowd Conversion
for 48 hours, which means you have one last
chance to be part of the most exciting new
direction in marketing in recent memory…

So Crowd Conversion 2.0 reopens Monday at
Noon (Pacific) and closes Tuesday Midnight

There is a tiny window open for you right now,
but you really can’t delay.

Lucky Day If You Act Fast

And even BETTER news, they’ve decided it
wouldn’t be fair to cut you off from the thousands
of dollars of additional bonuses they have piled
on the last day or so of the launch.

So you can still have those too!

Act fast and you’ll get thousands of dollars
more in additional training AND you can still
sign up with a study buddy or an accountability
partner at...

No Additional Cost

The only catch is you MUST sign up no later
than midnight Tuesday 4th May.

So if you missed out, grab all the goodies right here:
Sign Up For Crowd Conversion Now

To all our success,


P.S. Some of the biggest internet marketers in
the world have purchased Crowd Conversion
and many of them are calling it a real game

Don't Get Left Behind

Saturday, May 1, 2010


"Blueprints are forms of history. The architecture and design stay a part
of our lifestyle and mark our civilization. They are markers of our
achievements that stand the test of time and last throughout the ages.

Architecture and design must go hand in hand. From the modern buildings to the
classic columns of ancient Roman Temples, the designs are built around function and beauty."
~Mike Selvon

Today's marketplace is constantly evolving. Standardized methods of operation
are increasingly being challenged by new technology, increased global connectivity and collaboration, and unpredictable economic cycles. As business models change, the success of projects relies more on operations that are immediate, cost-effective, and flexible.

Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the largest and most efficient global platform to connect and perform transactions with Architectural services professionals.

For buyers of services, we partner with you in providing a one stop destination of available talent to push your business and projects forward, giving you the flexibility of expanding your work force depending on market and client demand while offering you a secure environment to communicate,
collaborate, and pay for services using an Escrow system.

For service providers we bring the global marketplace to your doorstep, enabling you to compete with efficiency and expediency at minimal cost. We offer innovative features to highlight your skills and experience, enabling you to attract and retain more customers.


Interior Design
Urban Design

Web Services

follow us at : @Archability

The FREE Resume Dictionary

"Read Write Win." It's as easy as 1,2,3...
With the Resume Dictionary all you do is
A) Select your purpose
B) Choose the power words
C) See the examples

Boosting Your Skills with the FREE Resume Dictionary

Are you a resume writing amateur? You are not alone!
Resume writing can be extremely challenging, even for the most brilliant and talented writers.

What is a good resume? A powerful resume uses impact language that makes your resume stand out.
This language consists of power words and phrases that highlight your skills and
abilities. Unfortunately, most job-seekers do not know how to use these power words accurately.

The FREE Resume Dictionary is an up-to-date resume how to resource for both resume writing beginners and resume writing pros. You will also find this site a powerful tool for KSA writing.
The Resume Dictionary is the power tool for resume writing.

Let's face it. Who actually enjoys writing their own resume?
I loathe writing about myself! Peek at any of my "bio's", that should be proof
enough. But, until we all are "chipped", resumes are here to stay, there's no
real getting around them. So, like or loathe, we still need to go for the
I haven't seen a more writer friendly compilation of tools for writing one's own resume.

I think Mr Baker should have named his site the Resume Britanica.
Resume Dictionary was formed to help job seekers with resume writing with the
power of language and provide information about formatting, writing, posting
resumes and job hunting and career information.
Resume Dictionary has contributions from HR Directors and personnel, Career
Advisers, Professional Career Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Professors, and job

See what I mean? The site is encyclopedic, there's even a "thesauric function" ( I did that;-).
This website is an excellent free tool to help you get ahead of your competition with resume words.

The Resume Dictionary was created in 2007 by The Hire Authority,  bestselling author Phil Baker.