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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Brew ha ha that's informative and TASTy too!

"Beer 101"
Ya gotta love the basics!
The creator(s) of beernewb.com are coming out from just that postition.

In my personal opinion, we've kind of been over-inundated from all the "professional"  tooters of consumable glories (food/bevs, etc.) the past decade. Good for them, but what about us?
What do WE like? A new generation of blue collar, everyday "pluggers" are coming out of the wood work. And they're bringing the goods!

It's grassroots the way it's meant to be, of, for, and by... the guy next door, for BEER!
Who needs nationalized f/b recommendations and commercial plugs for or from the Rich and Famous and corporately marketed? Oh sure, they're helpful, but I want to know what MY local pub has on tap.
"What's the guy at the next table drinking? That looks good! I'll take that."

Still conversant about the hop(s) world-wide, beernewbs.com seems to be fermenting a solid view from the home-front.

Newly established and already taking off like a case of shaken bottles, this site is loaded with easy-peasy smooth scrolling, no-brainer navigating, and I definitely like that!
Ripe with reader-contrib potentiality, I see a BEER-ki-pedia on the rise.

I just found out that I may have a new career op as a Cicerone!
How great  is that?!? And it sounds cool too!
There's a better chance I'll even remember the name, unlike...uh, what's that winey word for pro-grapers?

Do yourself a solid and don't pass up a chance to learn, laugh, and get your fill of, and even add to... The Lore of The Hops.
"Amateur Cicerones Unite!"
I couldn't resist. See? It is a cool name!

Stop by and say hi to Eric Goldman and the rest of the growing fandom of beernewbs.
You can find them here:
and here:
Cya at the tap!

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