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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That's a good thing right?
Have you heard of GREEN energy? Silly question by this point isn't?
I admit to not having been overly conversant on the subject.

Simeon Pappas is doing something about that.

You should meet him, a heck of a nice guy!
You can contact him here:
Phone: 516-672-9733

 Mr. Pappas introduced me to an organization by the name of Viridian, a socially responsible energy company now serving the N. Eastern United States.

Veridian has a mission statement declaring "to provide their customers greener electricity at an affordable price. As a mission-based company, the accomplishment of this goal is paramount to all other objectives. Unlike  their competitors who charge a premium for green, Viridian accepts a lower profit  in order to make their product affordable to customers."

Their Core Values:
  • Environmental Sustainability. We are dedicated to operating our business as a leader in environmental sustainability by delivering a greener product and creating a culture for employees and partners that reflects our passion.

  • Reliability. Our energy is just as reliable as the local utility and is supported by superior customer service.

  • Empowerment. Through the Viridian Business Opportunity, we provide an opportunity for our independent associates to not only positively impact the environment, but improve their own lives.

  • Integrity. Viridian is committed to the highest standards of ethics in our business operations and in our environmental stewardship.

  • Customer Focus. We provide helpful, courteous and knowledgeable service tailored to each customer’s needs.
You  choose. Similar to picking a phone provider or even where you shop for groceries, the energy market has been opened up for residents like you to shop around and choose the company you want to provide your electricity.
Individual states began to deregulate their electricity markets in the 1990s, making electricity like any other product for sale in a free market where sellers must compete to win the business of customers.
In a deregulated state, suppliers provide the electricity for your home via transmission lines that will continue to be managed and maintained by the utility, guaranteeing reliability of service.
Not too bad huh?

Now serving consumers in NY, CT, NJ, MD, and PA, VERIDIAN is taking a two-fold approach to putting the power back into your hands. Not only in offering less expensive rates on renewable energy, but also by old fashion word of mouth advertising which also provides a source of renewable income for their customers. That could almost work out to free energy for many, and help protect the planet for future generations. What a concept!

With the full weight of summer utility bills about to hit all of us, now is a pretty good time to see about saving... your money, future resources, even your local economy!

Going GREEN on your utilities means keeping GREEN in your pocket!
Check out Veridian today.

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  1. Nice!!! Sorry I don't live in NY,CT, NJ,MD, or PA... I would definately check it out. ros