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Monday, May 3, 2010

They Got Mobbed Again!

Normally I’d say this could be your lucky day.

But I really don’t believe in luck in the usual
sense. I believe YOU make your luck by being
in the right place, at the right time and recognizing
an opportune moment when you see it.

Like now! ?

Last week during the end of their launch the
guys over at Crowd Conversion were kind of
overwhelmed, with the sheer volume of people
trying to break down their virtual doors to get
in on their training.

They actually closed their program down earlier
than they had originally intended and didn't give
out much warning leaving a lot of very upset
people who returned from the weekend only to
find they had missed out.

After much debate and a slew of angry emails
they have decided to reopen Crowd Conversion
for 48 hours, which means you have one last
chance to be part of the most exciting new
direction in marketing in recent memory…

So Crowd Conversion 2.0 reopens Monday at
Noon (Pacific) and closes Tuesday Midnight

There is a tiny window open for you right now,
but you really can’t delay.

Lucky Day If You Act Fast

And even BETTER news, they’ve decided it
wouldn’t be fair to cut you off from the thousands
of dollars of additional bonuses they have piled
on the last day or so of the launch.

So you can still have those too!

Act fast and you’ll get thousands of dollars
more in additional training AND you can still
sign up with a study buddy or an accountability
partner at...

No Additional Cost

The only catch is you MUST sign up no later
than midnight Tuesday 4th May.

So if you missed out, grab all the goodies right here:
Sign Up For Crowd Conversion Now

To all our success,


P.S. Some of the biggest internet marketers in
the world have purchased Crowd Conversion
and many of them are calling it a real game

Don't Get Left Behind

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