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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The FREE Resume Dictionary

"Read Write Win." It's as easy as 1,2,3...
With the Resume Dictionary all you do is
A) Select your purpose
B) Choose the power words
C) See the examples

Boosting Your Skills with the FREE Resume Dictionary

Are you a resume writing amateur? You are not alone!
Resume writing can be extremely challenging, even for the most brilliant and talented writers.

What is a good resume? A powerful resume uses impact language that makes your resume stand out.
This language consists of power words and phrases that highlight your skills and
abilities. Unfortunately, most job-seekers do not know how to use these power words accurately.

The FREE Resume Dictionary is an up-to-date resume how to resource for both resume writing beginners and resume writing pros. You will also find this site a powerful tool for KSA writing.
The Resume Dictionary is the power tool for resume writing.

Let's face it. Who actually enjoys writing their own resume?
I loathe writing about myself! Peek at any of my "bio's", that should be proof
enough. But, until we all are "chipped", resumes are here to stay, there's no
real getting around them. So, like or loathe, we still need to go for the
I haven't seen a more writer friendly compilation of tools for writing one's own resume.

I think Mr Baker should have named his site the Resume Britanica.
Resume Dictionary was formed to help job seekers with resume writing with the
power of language and provide information about formatting, writing, posting
resumes and job hunting and career information.
Resume Dictionary has contributions from HR Directors and personnel, Career
Advisers, Professional Career Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Professors, and job

See what I mean? The site is encyclopedic, there's even a "thesauric function" ( I did that;-).
This website is an excellent free tool to help you get ahead of your competition with resume words.

The Resume Dictionary was created in 2007 by The Hire Authority,  bestselling author Phil Baker.

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