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Friday, April 9, 2010

Simply. Shapely. One.

What do I know about... supergirdles (body shapers)?

I'm a guy. Absolutely nothing!
Now, what do I know about Millicent Hollingsworth in the short time I have come to know her here in socmed?
Character. Strength. Courage. Discipline. Sweet. Determined.
Having been a child of a single working mom myself. I very much like the word Brave.
Millicent has made her way through a still very young life braving hardships and highlights alike. It’s been my pleasure and honor to speak with Millicent on numerous occasions these past months. Her good humor and infectious laughter, her eager “just do it” attitude and swift willingness to help alone are deal-makers.
One issue for Millicent that she takes very personally was her self-image.Today, as so many of us online know, there’s an opportunity to match every snow flake that has ever fallen and just as varied.
This degreed back to school working mother of two and online entrepreneur has steadily taken steps to remove every “block” that she comes to. Self-image was no different. Millicent discovered something that truly brought function to intention and has borne some serious… “Va va Voom”!! http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Now, that I know about! I am a guy! Already racing to the top in her selected circle of success, Millicent wants to help you reach your dreams to.Whether your thoughts are on a little help to get the strut back in your stuff, looking for a solid organization that is there, 24/7, day in , day out to help you achieve your own dreams of success, or both.
You could do much worse for a long time and through a lot of expensive trials than to simply turn to one that knows, has been there, has done that, and is ready and available to help you realize a new view and a new you. http://www.simplyshapelyone.com/

Stop by and see what Millicent can help you see about your image, your future.
I’m sure it will be simply a shapely one!

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