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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf

“Grumble, Grumble, GRUMBLE!”
That’s the “Real Men Don’t Use Recipes” free flying smoking flamer in me, resigning my lifetime position!
At least this one time!
Why? Why you ask has our happy go lucky fiery Leprechaun of Southwest Smokery gone drone? Why has our hero forgone the Freedom of the American Grill a la modèle libre?!? Why take up the bonds of the dreaded… written lore?!?
Well, thanks for asking! ;-)
I’ll tell ya!
THIS man right HERE!

Chef Hoboken Eddie!
In the weeks to come you will be introduced to, presented, regaled, availed, exhibited, and demonstrated upon… the mouth watering, tongue titillating, lip searing, flavor exploding, dish enhancing “Like Nobody’s Business”, TASTE Buds Tangoing sensational sauces of Celebrity Chef Hoboken Eddie!
This is no Kitchen Con, this is pure flavor nirvana in your face!
Santa must have had an elf-bill to get passed or something, because Christmas for your TASTE Buds came in March this year. And the cornucopic TASTE-ifery will be total Madness!!!
Let us begin…
“It was a dark and stormy…” (Doh!) Sorry, wrong story!
Here we go;-)
I couldn’t wait for the Gullible Warming to thaw to get cracking on these vestibules of El Dorado that arrived at the door this weekend! So… what’s a grilling guy to do?
Again. I’m glad you asked!
Here’s what I had…
Hoboken Spicy Thai Brattloaf
3-3/4 oz. Hoboken Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
18oz. Pkg, Of your fave Bratts
1lb. Hamburger
8 slices of whole grain wheat bread
½ clove garlic
½ white onion
½ green bell pepper
one 7oz. can of mushrooms (choose fresh if you can!)
½ 12oz pkg. Frozen California Style Veggies (ditto!)
one 7oz. can of tomato sauce
1tbs. Sea salt
1tbs. Black pepper
2 large eggs
The will to “Get fed”!!!;-)
What I did…
I lightly toasted the bread, then left them racked to finish drying (approx. 3hrs).
Whipped out the biggest bowl in the kitchen and went ginsu on the veggies!
Sent the shrooms to join the party. Then, I grabbed the next biggest bowl.
Bread Crumbing Time! I tossed in The rest of the dry ingredients, shook it up a bit and
introduced them to the garden party going on in the next bowl over.
With the support team getting to know one another, I turned my attention to the wet stuff.
Fortunately for me there were only two;-)! I mixed the red stuff with Chef Eddie’s Spicy Thai Chili sauce and set it aside. Now it was time for that which all this had come together for. The MEAT! I are carnivore!
First, I de-case the bratts (slice and remove skin), and tossed them into the bowl I rescued from the crumbs (yes, I am a hero that way!), added the hamburger and got wrist deep in protein play doh (mish AND mash!)! Confident that their union was now everlasting, I added the two eggs and repeated the original ceremony. Ain’t love grand?
With this done, I introduced the guest of the hour to the rest of the party (it was the bigger bowl!), and mixed for the final time.
Now, those that know me, know I’m a LODGE brother! The 12in was going to be my partner in this capper and I lightly covered the bottom with evoo. Thus prepared, in went the meat mix, I reverently patted it all down nice and even across the pan. I filled it to just one half inch from the rim.
I grabbed a mixing spoon and using the round end, I poked holes all across the surface of the panned loaf and poured the sauce all over it, spreading evenly to the pan edge.
Like me you will notice the sauce mix was just a touch shy of optimum thickness.
What to do? Well, don’t shoot the hostage on this one. Just grab that bottle of beautiful heat nectar and pour on some more!
45 min later I pulled the skillet from the 350` degree oven and let it stand for 10min.
I could write about three more pages about the sensory magical mystery tour that was going on.
The aroma! The sight of it, the sizzling, and then gentle reader, once plated, the flavor!
I served with corn and cabbage. HEY! It's still the National Irish History Month!
But I won’t, because like with all good meatloaves, it’s the next day, and I need a sandwich! This sauce is de licimo!
Get fed!

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