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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please DO NOT SHARE - this is For JV"s Only!!

I’ve just watched the most shocking Free video.

If you’re marketing ANYTHING online
at all, and you don’t do THIS you’re sunk.

With 39 Billion page views per month,
Facebook now accounts for 25% of ALL
internet page views in the USA

[The Shocking Truth]

Trying to ignore Facebook is about as stupid
as trying to ignore Google.  (ask Microsoft).

In fact Google have publicly acknowledged
that Facebook is the only competition that
they really fear and with good reason.

The gurus have literally jumped on this and
If you choose to ignore it well, I wish you
a lot of luck  keeping back the tides of change
that are sweeping over all of us.

[Watch This. You’ll Soon Understand]
Normally I’m not quite this outspoken or harsh.

But in this case, if you’re not using Facebook
in your marketing, you're really are at serious
risk of your business becoming a dim memory
or going the way of the Model-T.

Disclaimer: (antiques can be valuable)
I’m not trying to be mysterious here ...
(well, maybe a LITTLE bit mysterious!).

But if you are having trouble getting qualified
prospects to your website…

If you’re having a heck of a time trying to
afford your marketing…

If you would LOVE to have a stampede of
traffic from Facebook to your business so
fast it will make your head spin…

[You’re Going To LOVE This!]

You see, these two guys have so cracked
the code on how to generate a ton-o-traffic
and monetize the GOLDMINE  OF Facebook’s
400 million users. It’s mind-boggling.
Even seasoned internet marketing gurus are?going to learn from them.
[Get The Facts Here] 
It’s a video. It doesn’t cost a dime to watch.
You’ll get more astounding strategy, tips, and
specific facts you can use immediately than
from most of the products you PAY for.
And it can truly change the path of your business.  
I don’t care if your business is already super
successful or you’re just getting started.  
[You NEED This!] 
OK, that’s it for now. I’m off to start
implementing this myself! 
Here's to Boat Drinks!
P.S. After going through this video, I found
myself awake at 3 a.m. because my mind was
racing with the possibilities.
This is kind of like having the keys to the marketing
kingdom. The potential is almost overwhelming… 
[This Will Keep You Awake At Night]

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