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Saturday, April 17, 2010

BEYOND BEYOND~ Ideas and Inspirations

Has anyone seen this?

BEYOND BEYOND~ Wedding Invitations and well, EVERYTHING to do with weddings and babies (if they're cute;-) so says the tag.
Talk about a United Kingdom...of nuptials!
Weaving the old with the new, forever.

In one site there is all that there is to do with the bride's day of days! Now, not that I'm tying anymore knots in the foreseeable, but there are some pretty neat things going on in the world of "honest women" and I kinda like what they are doing with it!

In the irrepressible Londoner style and tone, there is what has become a brit classic of mixing tradition with "fab", quirky with old world, eclecticism with class.
Yes, I believe all of that means... chic!

If June is special for you this year, I highly recommend taking a stroll through these pages, and uh... "tic toc"!
Intendeds will get lost with all the this and the that catching their eye at every turn of the page. Digitally of course ;-)

Got a question? Just ask them! Super friendly and enthusiastic about nabbing Mr. Right, these Ladies are taking shotguns out of the cathedrals and bringing grace, charm and... FUN to romance and it's inevitable end.

Oooops! I mean sacred beginnings;-)!
Ask for Amma.
Tell 'em Pat sent ya.
It won't get you a discount, I just like saying that;-)!

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