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Friday, April 9, 2010

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

Ok, being a dyed in the sandal, right wing, no schooled ex-construction worker, I confess some initial skepticism...

But as I spoke with Steve, the web-prenuer who has brain trusted this concept... I have to say, I'm convinced that not only is there a market, but a serviceable place for ... sock subscriptions!

Military, construction, plumbing, avid campers, frequent fliers, tired wives, hot-line cooks, diabetics, athletes... the list literally goes on and on! I may pester him to develop an affiliate program.

For those mentioned, the page will ( I believe) speak for itself.

For me, I can speak a bit about the man behind the pedi-wrap revolution to come.

Willing to... toe the line!

Steve is a father of two, a recently bullied online individual whom the fox network felt was a looming threat to their empire. See that story " here"

Only recently met, I'm compelled to like Steve right off the bat. He's humorous, innovative, engaging, I think a bit on the brave side and he's got moxy! ;-) I highly recommend getting to know him a bit more and getting the toes cozy!

"What are you wearing?!?"

SockSubscription.com - Simple, Easy, Socks.

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