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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Squidoo Sensei

Squidoo Lenses:
Jeffrey Sherwood builds Squidoo lenses for $20 each.
Squidoo has a page rank of 8 and will provide you with some premium links to your website. Not only will you be able to get some powerful links but you will also have the opportunity to make some secondary income from the people who are visiting your lens. You have the option to add Amazon and Ebay modules to promote products that go along with the content of your lens.

Each lens will include the following:
400-450 words unique content
Main keyword in the url
Lens fully optimized for search engines
Pictures that go with content
2 Links back to your website
Content broken into at least 5 modules with different headings containing keyword in each module
Lens bookmarked on 30 different social bookmarking sites
Free transfer of lens to your Squidoo account so that you have full control of it and own it for life
Bulk Discount: 3 lenses-$50; 5 lenses -$75
Contact me for your custom lens today!

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