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Friday, April 9, 2010

Kylie Bartlett

One of the most amazing forces I have ever encountered!

Kylie Bartlett

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The Point is... I am a demographic. I am a customer. I am a client. A prospect.
A potential repeat customer. A follower. A "friend". A contact.
I am your pocket book. How do you get me? Have me again? Keep me?
I blog, I post, I tweet, I'm LinkedIn, I digg,
About what?
My experience with YOU.
What am I going to say?

Kylie Bartlett knows.
Why? How? Because she decided what I would have to say about her before she ever even met me.
Hocus pocus? Market mysticism? No.

Good sound sense, open awareness, determination of presence, professional demeanor, goal targeted, plan persistence, astounding friendliness, genuine appreciation of others. A polished and well exercised talent. A clearly distinguished chosen set of skills ever increasing and accommodating.

She likes me. I knew it before I even introduced myself. She decided that before she ever heard of me. It is what she demonstrates. It's the way she lives, her business reflects it and the world is reacting to it.
Already an international speaker, a Web Celeb, a global name rising.

The classic rags to Riches story. A wonderful Lady, wife, mum, friend, encourager, chum, business power house, a room brightener, leader, teacher, and so much fun!!! She shares her enjoyment of success, and the success of enjoyment.

Short list: I like her. I trust her. I praise her. I look for her.
Find out why for yourself:-).
You'll always be glad you did.


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